How much to charge for sponsored articles

There are some useful resources that can help you find a fair pricing for sponsored articles on your website/blog.

While a final decision is always dependent on several factors, the following guidelines will give you an idea and can be used a starting point or a benchmark for comparison.

A recent analysis reported by HubSpot found a predictive pricing model that takes into account different parameters:

BLOG PRICE = -60.5 + 5.97(DA) + 0.978(thousand FB fans) + 15.1(PR) – 0.000007(AR)

Where DA is the Domain Authority, PR is Google Page Rank and AR is Alexa score.

In another article posted on Blog Advertising Rates, the author includes an interesting table, that takes into account the number of monthly unique visitor and the Google Page Rank.

Using either these tools, it’s possible to

Another tool is an online calculator by, which also takes into account the number of comments, shares and pageviews. Depending on the specific case, this may lead to significant higher prices, but it’s nevertheless worth a try.

It’s also interesting to see the results of a survey reported by, which shows how bloggers tend to ask for lower prices compared to what the advertisers would be willing to pay.

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